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The Icons-Search is an Icon Search Engine that helps you to find quality icons available on the Internet. You can find icons for Windows Vista and XP, Macintosh, Linux, icons for Desktop, Software, Website, Mobile, Presentation, in sizes from 16x16 to 256x256 in PNG format and sizes from 16x16 to 128x128 in ICO format.

Icons are copyrighted by their respective owners. Before using icons (either non-commerce or commerce) you must check License of icons provider. It is usually available on icons provider website or in icons archive.

Icons Search
Examples: 'Home 128x128', 'DVD 48x48 32x32', 'My Documents .ico'

Typical Searches:

Emoticons: Laugh Sad Smile Cool

Desktop: My Computer My Documents My Pictures My Video My Music Recycle Bin Firefox

Web: Home Social Shopping Cart Favorites EMail Search Info Question Print

Graphics: Zoom In Zoom Out Colors Arrow Photo Camera

Toolbar: Save Delete Edit User Folder Document Copy Database Refresh

Multimedia: Sound Music Volume Microphone Movie Video MIDI DVD

Devices: Smartphone iPod Computer PDA Chip USB

Holidays: Christmas Halloween Easter

Misc: TMNT 256x256 Lily 128x128 Ford 256x256

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